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FAQ - Types of goods that can be applied to ATA Carnet

Types of goods that can be applied to ATA Carnet

Types of goods that can be applied to ATA Carnet

ATA Carnet is used for all goods for the personal or professional use, including commercial samples, professional and scientific equipment, fair exhibits, exhibition items, etc.. Antiques, machinery, machine tools, catering equipment, shoes, toys, computers, office equipment, transformers, generators, electrical / electronic and scientific equipment, surgical and dental equipment, jewelry and precious metals / stones, musical pillars, audio-visual equipment, photographic equipment and accessories for the shooting of the film, lasers, musical instruments and panels, materials for display, aircraft, films, motor vehicles and equipment, equipment for heating and lighting, machines, furniture, pottery, paintings and other works of art, umbrellas, racehorses, suitcases, theatrical effects and props, concert and musical instruments, leather and sporting goods, clothing, yachts and boats, exhibition stands etc.. Number or quantity of each subject must be reasonable, in harmony with purpose of imports. 
Goods granted temporary import must not: 
a. be borrowed, or in any way used for loaning or geting financial fee , 

b. be moved from the place where a certain event occurs. 


ATA carnet shall not be issued for exhibitions organized for private purposes in shops or business premises for the sale of foreign goods.