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Usluge - Transport



TKA d.o.o is sprecialist for organize road transport according to the most modern standard.

We are able to offer you:



Accorrding to the most modern standard we saw the need for forming LTL services in national and international market. We make pick up for smaller shipment with our weekly LTL lines on teritory Serbia and Europe. In our logistics center we organize consolidation and distribution shipments to your busniess partners. Groupage transport is intended for smaller shipments which do not have economic justification for engagement complete laod space. Accordingly, this type of transport is ideal solution for optimization of your transport costs.


Since the beginning of TKA national transport is an important segment of our busniess. In cooperation with our exclusive partners we have developed a functional transport network which provides avaiable vehicles in all industrial centers, such as in other parts od Serbia. For national market, we are formed a special department which plans, organize and relizes your transport needs.

Services in national transport:

  • Groupage transport
  • Partila transport
  • Full truck load
  • Express mail services


International transport today represents the strongest branch in our busniess sistem. Our fast and flexible solutions sontribute to the efficient delivery of goods to your busniess partners. Establishing international cooperation with our partners, we have developed a strong and functional transport network which allowed us to specialize in the road transport and provide a complete logistics support. 

With our own vehicle fleet, which makes the lates generation vehicles( EURO 6) and reliable partners company TKA is able to otganize:

  • Groupage - LTL 
  • Partial loads -  PTL
  • Full truck loads - FTL